Communal Pancake is not just a quirky name that seems to be an ode to breakfast food. No, it is a sentiment, a reminder, a love letter we are writing to our dearest friends. We would often meet up for brunch at our local greasy spoon after late-night concerts our friends and significant others played. The group usually shared, what we called, a cinnamon roll for the table, but one morning, cinnamon rolls were not an option. So, instead, we ordered one large pancake that coined the term “communal pancake”. That morning, in particular, stays with all of us and it remains a symbol of our community and our friendships. 


Communal Pancake Performing Arts Company aims to build community by creating meaningful, shared experiences that will connect people through the performing arts - both by performing it and experiencing it.

Amanda Fehring 

 Director of Operations

Lily Draper 

Director of Dramaturgy

Amara Fehring

Artistic Director

Cameron Fehring

Technical Director

Kris Fehring

Director of Education Outreach