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Set in the high-stakes, high-octane world of crisis intervention, Seattle CRU follows a team of elite specialist officers working for the Seattle Police Department’s Crisis Response Unit, answering mental-health emergency calls.  Inspired by actual events, the series is written by former Seattle Detective Sergeant T. Joseph Fountain and award-winning screenwriter Connie O’Donahue. Join us for a dramatic reading of the series pilot, "Hurricanes & Honeybees", and experience the heart-pumping action, moving drama, and smart comedy of

the pilot episode of Seattle CRU.

**Content Warning** Seattle CRU includes content that some viewers may find challenging, including profanity, references to alcohol consumption, and descriptions of mental health emergencies. 

Each year, 14 million Americans experience a mental health crisis. Too often, undertrained police officers are the first to respond to these incidents. This can lead to tragic outcomes often involving deadly force.  Across the country, efforts are underway to change the way mental illness and the resulting crises are handled – seeking a more effective and compassionate way to deliver help to those in need.

A reading is one of the most important steps in the production process for any feature film or TV series. It offers an opportunity for the creative team to gather together to hear the script read aloud to get feedback before moving forward with the process.

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